Nike Plus Badges & Trophies : Unlocked

View the list of unlockable Nike+ Running rewards and how to obtain these coveted Nike Plus achievements.

GarCard has no affiliation with Nike, nor with the Nike+ websites or apps. This page is soley a compilation of information, from public sources, to help those who wish to get the most out of their efforts, and learn how to unlock Nike+ badges and trophies.

Nike+ is currently NOT rewarding you some of the badges / trophies / delights that you should be unlocking. They claim that certain ones were only for previous years, and are no longer working.

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Bronze High Mile Trophy

Run over 15 miles in a month.

Silver High Mile Trophy

Run over 25 miles in a month.

Gold High Mile Trophy

Run over 50 miles in a month.

Platinum High Mile Trophy

Run over 100 miles in a month.

Run More Often

Set and accomplish a goal of X runs per week for X weeks.

Run More Miles

Set and accomplish a goal of X miles per week for X weeks.

Earn NikeFuel

Set and accomplish a goal of X NikeFuel per week for X weeks.

Burn Calories

Set and accomplish a goal of X Calories per week for X weeks.

Double Shot (aka Double Pleasure)

Run 2 times in a day.

Sneaker Head

Tagged activity with 3 different shoes.


Run on New Years Day.

Year of the NikeFuel (aka Dragon)

Run on Chinese New Year

La Fiesta

Run on Cinco de Mayo

Chocolate Heart

Run on Valentine’s Day

Uncle Sam

Run on 4th of July.

Jack O Lantern (aka Zombie)

Run on Halloween.

Extra Frosting

Run on your birthday.


You joined Nike+ a year ago.

Early Bird

Run 5 times between 3am and 6am.

Night Owl (aka Sleepwalker)

Run 5 times between midnight (12am) and 3am.

Stormproof (aka Mailman)

Tag 5 snowy/rainy days.

Off The Beaten Path

Tag 5 runs on a trail.

Beach Bum

Tag 5 runs on a beach.

Game On, World (aka Olympic)

Run on 8/12/2012.


Run on two continents.

Comfort Zone

Run the same Top Route 10+ times.

3 Times A Week

Active three times in a week.

5 Times A Week

Active five times in a week.

7 Times A Week

Active seven times in a week.

3 Weeks In A Row

Active three weeks in a row.

4 Weeks In A Row

Active four weeks in a row.

5 Weeks In A Row

Active five weeks in a row.

6 Weeks In A Row

Active six weeks in a row.

3 Months In A Row

Active three months in a row.

6 Months In A Row

Active six months in a row.

9 Months In A Row

Active nine months in a row.

12 Months In A Row

Active twelve months in a row.


Active all months in a year.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 5K

Earn a total of 5,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 10K

Earn a total of 10,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 25K

Earn a total of 25,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel)

Earn a total of 50,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 75K

Earn a total of 75,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 100K

Earn a total of 100,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 1

Earn a total of 150,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 200K

Earn a total of 200,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 300K

Earn a total of 300,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 400K

Earn a total of 400,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 500K

Earn a total of 500,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 600K

Earn a total of 600,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 700K

Earn a total of 700,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 800K

Earn a total of 800,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 900K

Earn a total of 900,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 1M

Earn a total of 1,000,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 1.15M

Earn a total of 1,150,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 1.2M

Earn a total of 1,200,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 1.5M

Earn a total of 1,500,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.


Milestone (NikeFuel) 2M

Earn a total of 2,000,000 NikeFuel since joining Nike+.

Missions (aka HyperWarm)

Assumingly for completing all the NikeFuel Missions

8K Day

Epic 8,000 NikeFuel earned in a day.

10K Day

Epic 10,000 NikeFuel earned in a day.

15K Day

Epic 15,000 NikeFuel earned in a day.

20K Day

Epic 20,000 NikeFuel earned in a day.

Local Legend

Most runs on a Top Route. (Leaderboard Route Boss)

Speed Demon

Fastest pace on a Top Route. (Leaderboard Route Boss)


Time Milestone (Days) 30

30 Days active with FuelBand.


Time Milestone (Days) 50

50 Days active with FuelBand.


Time Milestone (Days) 100

100 Days active with FuelBand.


Time Milestone (Days) 200

200 Days active with FuelBand.


Time Milestone (Days) 500

500 Days active with FuelBand.


Soaked goal by 50%. (FuelBand)


Shattered goal by 100%. (FuelBand)


Torched goal by 150%. (FuelBand)


Passed goal by 200%. (FuelBand)


Blasted past goal by 300%. (FuelBand)

Make It Count (Hurricane Sandy 2013)

#MakeItCount (no additional info at this time).

Running Race Winner

Complete a Nike+ Challenge distance first.

Running Race Finisher

Finish a Nike+ Challenge.

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